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Lesson #35




In our last lesson, we discussed Reciprocal Links, the new dangers associated with using them, and the availability of the new Miles Linking Service to employ a safer, more effective reciprocal linking strategy. In this lesson we will discuss other methods you can use to obtain in-bound links to your site.


The purpose of linking on the World Wide Web should be to promote the flow of content. Ideally, any link on a Web page will arise from some logical nexus between the subject matter of the source page and the subject matter of the target page.

Ideally, at least in the minds of Internet purists (and the Search Engines), the World Wide Web should be one seamless whole of information, flowing logically from link to link. The Yahoo! Search Engine now has a project to evaluate blocks of information rather than entire Web pages. These blocks of information are separately evaluated, based on how they fit into and promote the flow of information on the subject matter under consideration. For your Websites to be favorably ranked in the future, they will need to promote this flow of information through both inbound and outbound links. This means that your Webpage must have content, the links to your Webpage must be in context to this content, and your outbound links must logically flow to other similar content. As the search engines will be more and more focusing upon content connection in the future, you will need to do these things to obtain a lasting favorable evaluation by the search engines.

Sometimes you may encounter a legitimate link which derives from some connection other than the subject matter of the pages. For example, John Smith may have a site about motorcycles, while his sister, Jane Smith, may have a site about fashion design. It is understandable that John may have a link on his site to his sister's site simply because she is his sister. The connection is between the people, not between the subject matter of their sites. Unless the visitors to John's site are more interested in him and his family than they are in the subject matter of his site, however, they will likely not benefit from this link. People interested in motorcycles are not likely interested in fashion design. Hopefully, though, the search engines realize the possibility of these types of offline connections and will provide a certain margin of error for this in their evaluation of your Webpages.

The point to remember in any linking strategy that you employ is that links should promote the free flow of content. You should think of links as from content to (similar) content, rather than from Website to Website. With this in mind, we will now discuss some of the other link building strategies.


The most effective way to obtain links to your Website is to write useful articles, allowing other Webmasters to host your articles on their sites. This is a win-win situation. The host site gets to add useful content to their site and you get to have an in-context link back to your site. Most importantly, this is a link that you can control. You can ensure that the link relates to the subject matter of your site. You can control the anchor tag and the exact placement of the link within the content. Because you create the link within the article (or within a footer attached to the article), you maintain complete control over the link!

Once you have some well-written, informative articles to offer, you can find sites from which you would want to have links and offer the articles through personal communication with the Webmasters. There are also some services which allow you to post your articles as available to other Webmasters for use on their sites. Examples of such article banks, at the time of their writing, are,,,,, and There several others as well, which you can find through the search engines.

This, of course, will not work for you unless you can write well. If writing articles is not an option for you, you may want to consider offering other type of content.


Photographs can be offered as content to other Websites in exchange for a link to your site. With the new technologies, including autofocus digital cameras, almost anyone can create a good photograph now. Look for Websites from which you would want a link and determine what photos would add value to their site. After making the photographs, contact the Webmaster with a personal communication, explaining that their site might be enhanced by a photo that you have available. Explain that you would give them license to use the photograph on their site without charge; and, if they accept, politely ask for a "photo courtesy of" link underneath the photo in small font. Voila, you have a link to your site!

As we discussed in an earlier lesson, awards are also another means of obtaining links to your site. Find a Website complimentary to your own and create an award for that Website. Create a "trophy graphic" signifying the award which links back to your site. Present the Webmaster with the award graphic with instructions on how to place it on his site. Because the award will give the appearance of adding value to the site, your offer will most likely be accepted.

Another similar approach is to write testimonials. Write testimonials for Websites that you can offer to the Webmaster for publication on their site. Most Webmasters are actively seeking testimonials and will be happy to accommodate you. Of course, include a link back to your site in the signature line of your testimonial and require that the link be included on their page along with the testimonial.

Use your imagination. Think of other things of value (such as contests, original humor, reviews, whatever) that could be used to acquire links for you.


The best links of all, however, are the ones that you do not have to request. Webmasters find your site, determine it is helpful, and link to it.

If you design your Website to be helpful, you will more likely attract these links. As stated in an earlier lesson on Website design, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with complementary sites as well as competitive sites in your subject area before you even design your site. Design your site to be complementary to other highly ranked sites out there. Provide the information that they do not provide. Pick up where they leave off. This way, they will find it helpful to their visitors to have a link to your site from theirs.

Another observation is that controversy is quite effective in attracting links. If you have a bold opinion on your subject matter with which some may take issue, don't be shy. Disagreement leads to discussion. A controversial position will find its way to many discussion boards and blogs quite rapidly at times. People will link to you in the process of arguing that you are wrong. But, hey, a link is a link!

I don't suggest that you artificially create controversy. But, if you have a controversial position, don't hesitate to discuss it on your Website. This may attract more attention than your non-controversial, helpful material. People like a little controversy. It gets them fired up.


The World Wide Web is a network. Links represent connections between and among Web pages. Discussion Boards and Blogs help to network people together as well. Participate helpfully in discussion boards and blogs and meet and make new friends who are interested in the subject matter of your site. Unless it is the standard on a particular discussion board or blog, do not include a link to your site. But, by getting to know the people participating, they will eventually link to your site to point out helpful information that you have included on your site. It's easier to attract links from people that you know. Get to know the Webmasters of popular sites dealing with the same subject matter as your site. Be as helpful as possible on the discussion boards. Earn the respect and trust of your community and your Website will benefit as well.


The Search Engines judge Websites in part by the number of in-bound links to the site. Not all links are helpful, however. What you want is quality links from quality sites that are on-subject with the subject matter of your site. You want these links to be in-context so that the flow of information from the source site to your site is smooth and logical. There are many ways to obtain such links. You can offer articles, photos, awards, testimonials, or other similar content to quality sites in exchange for a link back. You can attract links simply by designing and maintaining your site to be helpful and valuable to others with quality sites on the same subject matter. When appropriate, you can add a little controversy to fire up some interest in your site. Of equal importance, you should establish a presence on discussion boards and blogs dealing with the subject matter of your site. Earn the respect and trust of the Webmasters of quality sites through such networking and links to your site should result.


Stay tuned to upcoming lessons in the Internet Income Course for detailed discussions of timely and important topics in Internet Marketing.

by George Little
Copyright (year) Panhandle On-Line, Inc.
License granted to Carson Services, Inc. for distribution to SFI affiliates. No part of this work may be republished, redistributed, or sold without written permission of the author.

For more information on the Internet Income Course and other works and courses by George Little, see

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