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Lesson #18



In this lesson, we will discuss the analysis you should use to determine your target market and develop the keywords and key phrases your target market will likely use when searching on the search engines. We'll explore these issues in the context of our continuing example, using our hypothetical friend Donna, who is developing a Website of southern family recipes.


Since our last lesson, Donna's life has become more interesting. One of her friends came over while she was videotaping the preparation of some recipes. The friend asked what in the world she was doing and Donna explained. Since then, her circle of friends and neighbors have good-naturedly teased Donna about "doing video" for the Internet.

Donna has discovered an important social factor, one that comes into play whenever you begin to accomplish something powerful. People will tend to both misunderstand and denigrate what you are doing. Even though they like you, they tend to get uncomfortable if you try to become more successful than they have decided you should be. So, as you move toward success, friends and family often misunderstand your effort and even make fun of it.

Donna decided to take the teasing good-naturedly and even tease back a little in a light-hearted way--all the while proceeding on with her project with even more enthusiasm. Donna is not waiting for everyone to agree that she should be successful. She is moving forward to create her own success on her own terms. Her next step in this venture is to work out her keyword and key phrase strategy for her recipe Website.


By reading about advertising techniques, Donna has learned that certain words catch people’s attention much better than others. If you are preparing ad copy, you need to use the "powerwords" in your advertisements. Donna has teased her circle of friends and neighbors that she plans to have a banner promising "hot, spicy videos" on her site (after all, many of the dishes she prepares are hot and spicy). She knows that in ad copy and banner ads, it would be better to say that she was "revealing spicy secrets" than to say that she was "listing family recipes." In ad copy and banner ads, you need to use attention-grabbing techniques and powerwords.

It is good, however, that Donna also understands the difference between ad copy and keywords for a Website. With ad copy you are trying to anticipate the words that will grab peoples’ attention. With keywords, however, you are trying to anticipate words that people will actually type into a search engine. There is a difference. It is important to understand that words that may grab people’s attention in advertising are not necessarily the same words they will type into a search engine when looking for information on the Web. When developing keywords for your site, you want to focus on the words that will likely be typed into the search engines by your target market.


Developing a keyword strategy is the first step in the final design phase of a Website. Since your keywords must match your content, the keywords and key phrases you choose will predetermine the actual content on your site.

From her readings, Donna knows that she needs to come up with approximately 20 to 25 keywords, combining some of these keywords into key phrases. These keywords and key phrases will then be inserted, among other places, in the keywords meta tag, which is located in the "head" section of her Website code. These should be words that people will likely use when searching for sites like hers from the Internet search engines.

Coming up with the first few keywords was easy. "Recipes, food, cook, cooking, southern, meals, menus, ingredients" came to her as fast as she could type them. But, beyond these first few obvious keywords, Donna wants to come up with the best possible words to give her site the greatest exposure.

Donna also knows that she could use different keywords on different pages on the site and repeat keywords from the main page in a different order on different pages of her site. The section on pasta, for example, could have "pasta" as the leading keyword and then pick up on the other keywords. The section on steaks could lead with "steaks" and "beef" and then pick up on the other keywords. By having many pages with different keywords and different order of the keywords, she could maximize the chance of someone finding her site with a specific narrow search. That is, by using "steak recipe, steaks, recipes, beef" as the first few keywords on the steak page, those searching specifically for steak recipes should be led directly to that page of the site by the search engines. She should also put these words in the title for the steak page as well.

Each section, if not each page, of a multi-page Website should have keywords and key phrases specific to the particular section or page, at least for the first few keywords; rather than just repeating the same keywords in the same order on every page of your site. This technique greatly enhances the chances of your site showing up in very narrow searches.


To come up with keywords, Donna must put herself in the shoes of an Internet user who might be interested in her site. Who will they be? What will they be thinking? How will they search? It would be great if Donna could hire a Market Analyst to perform an empirical study and give her exact results. Not being able to afford that, however, Donna uses her common sense.

Defining a target market is, in part, a process of elimination. In answering the question "who will they be," it occurs to Donna that she can immediately eliminate children. In general, adults do the cooking, not children. Donna also decides that she can eliminate men over the age of fifty-five. These men grew up in a culture that relied on women to do the cooking and most have not likely changed with the times. On the other hand, women over fifty-five most likely have done a great deal of cooking and are quite interested. So, her market is at this point narrowed to both sexes between the ages of 21 and 55, and includes women over 55; eliminating children and men over 55. Donna also decides that she can eliminate the very rich due to their hiring servants to do the cooking.

Defining a target market is also a process of determining specific inclusions. Thus, Donna concludes that--in this age of microwaves, frozen pizza, and fast food restaurants on every corner--most people aren’t motivated to cook unless they have someone to cook for. Thus, parents of younger children become a prime target because most parents feel the need to provide home-cooked meals for their children–at least on occasion. Since men are more involved in parenting after divorce now, it further occurs to Donna that recently divorced men may be a prime market. They now find themselves with the children a great deal of the time and need to cook for them. Finally, it occurs to Donna that people who are overweight or who have health problems may have to learn new recipes to meet the requirements of new diets.

So, to summarize, Donna has decided that she can eliminate everyone under 21, men over 55, and the very rich. She needs to particularly target parents, especially recently divorced men under 55, overweight people, and people with health problems.

Of course, to be true to the southern tradition of cooking, Donna will have recipes on her site that are not particularly healthy or weight reducing. But she realizes while thinking through this process that the people most likely to be searching for new recipes will be looking for healthy and low-fat alternatives. Thus, she is guided in how to better develop the content of her site by defining her market. She needs to add a number of low-fat and otherwise healthy recipes.


Now that Donna has some idea of who may be interested in her site, the next question is, "what will these people be thinking as they search the Internet?" The above analysis provides a real hook here. Since parents of younger children are her main target, and since parenting is such an overwhelming obligation, she assumes they will be searching for information to help them to be better parents. Thus, Donna will want to include words such as "child," "children," "parent," "parenting," and "raising," in her key phrases and tie them to cooking. She may even consider including the words "divorce" and "father." She will also want to use words such as "health," "healthy," and "slim" to reach the health conscious market.

By including these words, Donna may catch those people who will like her site even though they are not specifically looking for a recipe site at the time. A recently divorced father, frantically searching the Internet for any information to help him be a better parent, may type in "parenting" or "raising children" and may even type in "divorced father" in a phrase such as "help for divorced fathers." When he sees the site’s listing, he may say to himself, "Yes, this is something I need to learn. I like this site." Thus, using these techniques, Donna will have extended the reach of her site to some people who were not even sure what they were looking for!


Developing your list of keywords and key phrases is the first step in the final design of your Website. You need to decide on your keywords and key phrases in order to develop your final content. To develop your list of key words and key phrases, you need to define your target market. Defining your target market involves a process of elimination and a process of inclusion. Decide who will not be interested in your site and decide who specifically will be interested. Think of the words that your target market will likely search for on the search engines.


The real trick, as may have become apparent to you from our examples above, is to order the keywords you have chosen and tie them together in key phrases within your keywords meta tag and the title meta tags for specific pages. You need a specific strategy for each section or each page of your site. This will be the subject of our next lesson.

by George Little
Copyright (year) Panhandle On-Line, Inc.
License granted to Carson Services, Inc. for distribution to SFI affiliates. No part of this work may be republished, redistributed, or sold without written permission of the author.

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