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Lesson #20



In this lesson, you will learn the final steps of completing keywords and creating the metatags for all the sections of a Website.


At this point, we have followed Donna through the process of making a preliminary assessment of the viability of her recipe Website, planning and designing her site, creating raw content, and generating her keywords and key phrases.

Donna will now arrive at the final set of keywords for the various sections of her site by comparing the keywords and key phrases she has come up with actual search engine statistics. As she does so, she will lay out the folder structure of her site on the server and create the framework of each page by typing in the title, description, and keywords metatags, as well as a comment containing her keywords at the top of the body section of each page.

You may recall that not all search engines read keyword metatags. In fact, the two most important search engines ignore them. Why then do we go to all this trouble to create keywords? The answer is that we include our keywords not only in the keyword metatag but also in the title, the description, the comment, and, most importantly, the actual content of each page. The keyword metatag is quite useful as a handy notation to yourself in each page of what the important words are for that page. You should refer to them often as you compose the content of each page. Plus, of course, many important search engines do read the keywords metatag.

Donnaís design called for several sections to be created for her Website. One type of division she planned is to create a breakfast section, a lunch section, and a supper section. (In the southern United States, the midday meal was traditionally referred to as "dinner" and the evening meal as "supper." Since people from other areas of the country, and a lot of people in the South now, refer to the evening meal as "dinner," that word is somewhat ambiguous in the context of a Southern recipe site. Thus, Donna has decided to use "lunch" to refer to the midday meal and "supper" as the evening meal to avoid that possible confusion.)

Another way to divide up Donnaís recipe site is to have separate sections for different types of entrees. That is, a separate section each for beef, pork, poultry, seafood, and so on. Donna has also decided to have a separate section devoted to low-fat, health-conscious recipes. There will be more sections to her site (for example, a section on shopping for, or even growing, various ingredients) as Donna's site evolves. That said, the above breakdown is sufficient for the basic layout of the site for now.

The main page (or home page) of the site will be a welcome area and a directory to the site with links to the various sections.


While many of the same keywords and key phrases will be used on all pages, some keywords apply only to certain sections. Also, the order of the keywords should be different on each section, to emphasize the specific subject matter of each section. An obvious example is that the "breakfast" keyword should have a prominent place in the breakfast section of Donnaís site, but less emphasis on the main page and really should not appear in the lunch and supper sections.


Donna is now ready to begin actually putting up her site. Her hosting company has given her an FTP account that allows her access into her directory (folder) on the server using a username and password. The first thing she will need to do is create her subdirectory (subfolder) structure to match the sections she plans to have on her site. Using her FTP software, Donna accesses her directory and clicks on the "Make Directory" button on the server side of the software interface. When prompted for a directory name, Donna types "Breakfast." She then repeats this process, creating subdirectories for lunch, supper, beef, pork, poultry, and seafood. Donna also makes a subdirectory named "images" that she will use to keep all her graphic images and photos in one place. She creates another directory named "video" to house the streaming video files.

The next step is for Donna to create a file named "default.htm" or "index.htm" for the main directory and each subdirectory. (Whether she names the files "default.htm," "default.html," "index.htm," or "index.html," etc., depends on how the Web server has been configured by her hosting company. They will have given her this information.) A Web server looks for a file with a certain name, usually "default.htm," to open when the URL points to a folder without including a file name. Since there will be several files with the same name (albeit in different directories), great care must be used not to confuse, misplace, or overwrite the files unintentionally. Always make sure you are in the correct directory when uploading a default file! Also, always make backups of your files before doing any FTP transfers in case you do accidentally overwrite the wrong file.

For each default file, Donna will type in the "Head" section, which includes the metatags for title, description, and keywords. Then she will insert the "body" tag (which lets the Web browser know that the content to be displayed is coming up). Just inside the "body" section, Donna will insert a comment, also containing her keywords. Although in the "body" section, this comment will not be displayed by the Web browser, but may be read by search engines.

BUT FIRST, Donna has to finalize her keywords and their order for each section of her site. She will start with the home page (the main section).


Recall from Part 1 of this example that Donna started out by going to the Overture "Search Term Suggestion Tool" to see the amount of traffic she can expect using her main keywords. Now, she will return to the "Search Term Suggestion Tool" to test her completed keyword lists for each section and to make sure she is on the right track.

Donna goes to and clicks on the "Advertiser Center." At the top of the resulting page, she clicks on "Tools." Then she clicks on the "Term Suggestion Tool." In the form box that comes up, Donna begins typing in her keywords and key phrases to see how many people searched with those terms last month on Overture.

Recall from the last lesson that Donna came up with "Dixieland" as a synonym for "South" and "victuals" as a synonym for "food." Thus, when looking for possible key phrases by laying out her index cards in various orders, one of the possibilities was "Dixieland victuals." Checking this phrase on the Search Term Suggestion Tool reveals, however, that nobody searched for that phrase last month (as you would expect). Thus, Donna can discard this phrase. But, should she discard both words also? Perhaps not. When she inputs the words separately, she finds that 1490 people searched for "Dixieland" and 61 people search for "victuals" last month. Itís just that no one combined those particular two words in a search phrase.

Recall that Donna had "divorced" and "parent" as words in her keyword list. When she tried to find synonyms for "divorce," she came up with "separated" and "dissolution." Somehow, Donna overlooked the phrase "single parent." It comes to her, however, when she is testing the phrase "divorced parent" on the Search Term Suggestion Tool. And, itís a good thing that it did come to her because she finds that 10,578 people searched with the phrase "single
parent," while only 474 search with the phrase "divorced parent." Thus, she now knows that "single parent" is a much more powerful search phrase than "divorced parent."

Continuing in this fashion, Donna searches every word in her keyword list and a large number of the phrases that result from combining the keywords in various orders. Doing this, she determines the traffic she could expect from each keyword and key phrase, based on the number of times they were searched for during the past month. In this way, she is able to finalize her keywords and key phrases with some confidence.

Donna now begins typing in the "head" sections and
"comments" for the default pages for each section of her site. Note again, that she puts the words most relevant to a section in the beginning of the key words list for that section, but includes them farther down the list, if at all, in the other sections. Note again that Donna will order her words to create the largest number of key phrases with the least amount of repetition of words. (You can refer to Lesson 11 of this online course to see the proper form for the metatags and the comment tag.)

Recall also that the "title" tag is not just a list of your keywords, but is a meaningful phrase that incorporates the most important of your keywords. Same is true of the "description" metatag, only it can be somewhat longer than the "title."


The process of generating keywords is both creative and critical. You have to be creative initially to come up with as many possible words as you can. You start by analyzing your target market as we did in Lesson 18. You then use that starter list to generate many more potential keywords by reducing your starter list to the root words and finding as many derivatives and synonyms as you can for these words, as we did in Lesson 19. Then, as Donna did using index cards for each root word and laying them out in various orders, you find as many key phrases as you can from these words. You try to order your words so that each word can be a part of at least two different phrases, due to its relationship to the words before it and the words after it, to create economy. Finally, you critically cull down your list of keywords and key phrases by checking them against actual search engine traffic statistics and eliminating the ones that will draw little or no traffic. You organize your Website into different sections, and you are now ready to type in the title, description, and keywords metatags, as well as the comment tag, for each section of your site.


In our next lesson, Donna will begin typing in the actual content of her Web site. She will carefully include links to her SFI gateways at strategic points in her content.

by George Little
Copyright (year) Panhandle On-Line, Inc.
License granted to Carson Services, Inc. for distribution to SFI affiliates. No part of this work may be republished, redistributed, or sold without written permission of the author.

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