"Whatt" is my name

Somebody is knocking at Whatt's door and the conversation starts:

* Who's calling?" 
-"What is your name, please?"
-"Whatt's my name."
-"That's what I asked you. What's your name?"
-"That's what I told you. Whatt's my name." 

A long pause, and then from Watt, 

-"Is this James Brown?"
-"No, this is Knott."
-"Please tell me your name."
-"Will Knott."

-Why not?
-Huh? What do you mean why not? 
-Yeah! Why won't you tell me your name? 
-But I told you my name!
-Didn't you say you will not? 
-Not not, knott, Will Knott!
-That's what I mean. 
-So you know my name. 
-Of course not! 
-Good. So now, what is yours?
-Whatt. Yours? 

-Your name!

-Whatt's my name.
-How the hell do I know? I am asking you! 
-Look I have been very patient and I have told you my 
name and you have not even told me yours yet. 
-You have been patient, what about me? I have told 
you my name so many times and it is you who have 
not told me yours yet. 
-Of course not! 
-See, you even know my name! 
-Of course not! 

-Then why do you keep saying of course Knott? 
-Because I don't.


-What is your name? 
-See, you know my name! 
-Of course not!
-Then why do you keep asking Whatt is you ?


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