Give Your Business A Chance To Grow

I heard of a certain species of bamboo which is cultivated in Asia. The root system is so complex that the farmer must water, fertilize, and weed for 5-years before the first shoot emerges from the ground. Imagine how this farmer must look to his neighbors: "Hey, how is your dirt crop coming along?" Every season she sees others harvesting, eating, and selling their produce, while she labors for no visible result.

Once the root system is fully developed, the first shoots emerge and the plans grow as high as 90 feet in five weeks. The bamboo grows so quickly you can hear the rustle as the leaves spread. As anyone who has tried to remove a stand of bamboo knows, good luck stopping this growth once those roots are established.

Your SFI business is much the same as the bamboo tree. Too many people get involved thinking that their business will grow 90-feet tall within 2 or 3 months. When they don't see the huge growth within the first 2 or 3 months they quit, give up and go onto another program. These people must realize that like with any other business they need to give the business time to mature. You wouldn't give your new born baby 2 or 3 months to walk would you? Then don't give the greatest business in the world 2 or 3 months to make you rich.

While your business shouldn't take 5-years to grow like the bamboo tree, you should at least make a commitment to yourself that you will work the business consistently for at least 1-year and to really see the huge results for at least 2-years.

In closing let me say that I hope you will realize what you have a hold of with a SFI business. Much like the bamboo tree your SFI business needs time to take root, as soon as it does you couldn't stop the growth even if you tried.