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"I am very impressed with the IAHBE Money Pack. It's truly revolutionary
and awesome in both the total idea and the design of the package. I was greatly
impressed with the audio seminar and the free software, as well as all of the reports.
CONGRATULATIONS on another great idea carried through!!!"
Keith P. Stieneke
Nebraska USA

"I just received the January MoneyPak for the IAHBE. I am bowled over. SFI is
delivering tremendous information and value here. The free book alone is worth
10 times the membership fee we're paying. Keep up the great work, SFI! P.S.
I can't believe you just saved me 80 bucks on my Robb Report subscription. Amazing."
Shawn Casey
Florida USA

"IAHBE is super fantastic!!!!There was so much included with the first month's membership,
I can't imagine what next month will bring. Thank you, SFI...the IAHBE is GREAT!!!"
Barbara Stark
Indiana USA

"The IAHBE is an absolutely incredible value! Just more evidence that SFI is on the right track!"
David L. Hancock
Virginia USA

"The SFI Marketing Group and founder Gery Carson got it exactly right for 2003! With over 50
new features and enhancements introduced this year to Gery's amazing SFI system—including
a very much-improved and simplified compensation plan and the AWESOME (I rarely use that
word, but in this case IT IS) new flagship product, IAHBE, the International Association of
Home Business Entrepreneurs and MoneyPak—SFI affiliates have entered a brand new and
exciting world of money-making possibilities. I've seen a lot on the Internet and World Wide Web,
and the IAHBE is one of the best products out there...definitely worth the small amount of money
that it takes to be a member. Why, the Web resources alone are worth hundreds of times the
monthly fee. Outstanding!

Add in all the free marketing advice, over $800 (and growing) in bonuses and other freebies, and
a product you can hold in your hand every month, and it's very plain to me that a new affiliate
would be foolish indeed to turn down SFI's offer to easily, quickly, and profitably qualify for
greater income with IAHBE. A host of absolutely useful membership benefits, with more added
every month, make IAHBE a very easy sell.

As for me, with IAHBE I'm now building my new enriching and colorful library of business and
marketing tools and knowledge that SFI basically is giving away to me, every month. The price
is pittance compared to all the benefits I get. I'm loving what SFI has done and is doing to make
me wealthy, and in lots more ways than money, too!
Way to go, SFI and Gery Carson!"
Bill Alland
Texas USA


"It is pretty clear to understand the excitement surrounding IAHBE. An IAHBE membership
delivers far more than online information/knowledge (e-books, pdfs, audios, etc.) useful to any
business. It also provides tangible products you can touch and feel. The IAHBE Book and
Magazine of the Month gives your membership real value with real products you can literally
grab hold of."
Darrel Helm
Minnesota USA


"I just checked out the IAHBE website...All I can say is 'INCREDIBLE!' I can't believe the
amount of relevant information. I've already signed up for two newsletters and will probably
sign up for more. This is just what SFI affiliates need to promote our businesses. I have no
doubt we'll all be more successful by utilizing the information found on the IAHBE Website.
An added bonus is being able to place 'Member, International Association of
Home Business Entrepreneurs' on our Websites, business cards, e-mail messages, letterhead, etc.
This will definitely provide a professional edge.
A big thank you to Gery Carson and to all who helped to develop this feature of the SFI program!"
Karin Peavy
California USA


"IAHBE is like a big present with no bottom! The more you open up to it, the more presents
you find. There's nothing like it I have ever seen! If you can't find what you're looking for,
hang around...IT will find you. I've been at the IAHBE site for days now and still can't get over it! "
Trisha Medlin
South Carolina USA


"IAHBE is nothing short of genius! SFI has done it again!...It has completely revitalized me
with a state-of-the-art product that is extremely useful for my primary customer base: online
Here's to a great 2003! Thanks SFI!"
Bob McGrath
New York USA


"I joined it as soon as I heard about the new IAHBE and couldn't wait to see what was at
the site...I was absolutely amazed at everything it's just fantastic."
Theona Herber
Texas USA


"After taking the time to fully navigate the new IAHBE MoneyPak, all I can say is
'Kudos SFI' for a job well done, a product and service that no home-business
owner should be without!"
Ross & Tara Chapman


"The new International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE)
Website is incredible! The amount of money for the membership is minuscule
compared to all of the FREE resources, magazines, and books available through
this site and the MoneyPak. And that is not even including the free leads that are
available to IAHBE members. The information I have learned this month alone
is enough to make me feel more confident in my home business success. Thank you!"
Tina M. Nolan
Pennsylvania USA


"The IAHBE is just UNBELIEVABLE and more exciting than I could have ever
anticipated. Fantastic!! Looking forward to a very prosperous year."
Doris Ewanchuk


"The IAHBE site is just awesome! Finally, a site that's just for home-business owners,
and you don't even have to be an SFI affiliate to appreciate it! Lots of information and
value for everyone. Thank you!"
Tim Butterfield

"IAHBE is exactly the type of high-quality resource that supports the reason I have always
recommend SFI as the only place to start for anyone wanting their own home business. "
Steve Lewis
Ohio USA


"Have you been into the IAHBE site yet? I just spent over an hour checking it out! It's GREAT!!!!!
I can't wait to start promoting it! I already have someone else interested in purchasing it.
She has her own home-based business but isn't with SFI (YET!!!). She checked out the
homepage for IAHBE and loved it too. "
Julie Cannons


"No words to describe it...I went to the IAHBE site at 7:30 a.m. and stayed till about 1:30 p.m!...
Go to the site ASAP and see for yourself. If you haven't subscribed to IAHBE, YOU are
missing out big time!!! "
Anthony Wangen
California USA


"I have to say, after seeing the IAHBE site, the first thing that popped into my mind was,
'Now that is impressive!' My anticipation exceeds my joy in being a part of this."
Rochelle Trueblood
Minnesota USA


"IAHBE is the greatest thing that ever happened for SFI affiliates. I think the most
outstanding feature is that you don't have to go all over the Web to find the location of
the information you need. It is all neatly arranged for you. All you need to do is click away.
This will make it a lot easier for new people to get involved. My people will benefit,
and my sales will soar in 2003. Thanks SFI, for a job very well done!"
Bob Boles
Nevada USA


"I'm a new member of the IAHBE, and I can't believe all the info we have to get started...
The IAHBE gives us all the tools we need to get rich. Its now up to you and I.
Let's start using our tools and then sit back."
William Criqui
Georgia USA


"The IAHBE is just incredible. What for a Christmas Gift to SFI members...
I'm very happy to be a part in this 'Winning Team.' It's really a great job SFI has done. "
Al Bracher


"Wow! What an amazing resource! There's so much information crammed into
the IAHBE site that it will take me all month to check it all out. This is the most amazing
value I've ever seen. Thank you, SFI, for putting this all together for us! "
Beth Cadenas
New Mexico USA


"Two Words: 'Simply Amazing.' Thank you, SFI, for the IAHBE site. I'm beyond impressed!
I need more hands to give a 100 thumbs up. Looking very forward to diving in. "
Jeff Hoover
South Carolina USA


"The IAHBE Website is truly awesome! I stumbled across it tonight...and couldn't
believe the great stuff. Can't wait to explore it further. The MoneyPak will be a great
present in my mailbox. Thanks, SFI, for a great product to market! "
Tricia Butts
Colorado USA

"Check out the IAHBE website...IT is FANTASTIC!!!! SFI, you did good. "
Greg Blackwell
Nebraska USA

"I just went to the IAHBE Website and there are not words to describe it.
Maybe the closest is 'AWESOME!!!'...I'm thrilled with IAHBE.
This is so far, the best 'business' present I've got."
Maria De Los A. Gonzalez


"The IAHBE is a one-of-a-kind resource. Simply put: OUTSTANDING!"
Aaron Culps
Illinois USA


"The IAHBE site is wonderful! I couldn't have received a better Christmas present from SFI."
Barrie Orange
Indiana USA


"Great IAHBE site, SFI...lots of information--a must see for everyone!!! Keep up the good work."
John Caldecott


"IAHBE is the best thing that SFI has ever had and everyone should use it.
They have everything anyone will ever need to work a home business. I am really excited about it. "
Theona Herber
Texas USA

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