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Home business: Less Is More!


Let the games begin, Today's LESSON:

"Less is more," cried the Minimalists of the 1960s art scene!

They stripped their canvases down to the barest essentials of color, shape, and line. Japanese auto manufacturers brought a
similar sensibility to the auto world in the 1970s, building reliable and economical compact cars that quickly outsold the
oversize, over styled gas hogs built by American manufacturers.

Yeah, right bro. That's total b.s.

Look, here is a reality check to all of those
big hairs who think ** LESS IS MORE ***.

#1 People judge and measure perceived quality by size.

That is true and all politicians, all-major
advertisers (yes, even mobsters) and any
FAMOUS MARKETER uses size to attract your sensibility.

YOU can't buy a home without first evaluating
it's measure against what? The size of interest rates.

YOU don't even consider joining an MLM that
only has 10,000 members.

Too dinky.

Instead, we are taught to judge by measurable merits and thus, HUGE is better. ForMor as you already have heard has over 100,000 members and me, little Joe Schroeder owns better than 18% of that business volume, in ForMor.

In fact, my downline represents over 18% of
ForMor's total business muscle and size.

Now consider this:

if less was more than how come when ascertaining whether an MLM is beefy enough or not, we always look for

HOW much does it pay on levels 1-2?

How much money can you make with only
20 people, like 4 front line and 16 second?

Size counts dear Juniors and dunn forget it.
----just any female about size.

Ever hear a lassie say, "Hey fella, you're short.
Wanna play!"

I am six feet by the way.


#2: The whole undertone of ForMor is
size, dominion and an attitide of spizazz.

So don't tell me less is more.

Less sucks. Especially if you are some
dork re-run in MLM who is

>> Over the age of 32 and male
>> Been working hard for a decade
>> Think you are of sound work ethic
>> And you can't raise $2,500 over night.

Imagine being a grown man living in America
and crying like some little school girl
because you can't scrap up $250 to join
some ripe-n-sweet MLM plan.

A)Get a life already and
B) Shameful. In America, land of FREEDOM.
C) Does your spouse actually know you're broke?

And yet the perp ACTUALLY has stary MM
eyes and actually THINKS he is gonna
GET RICH IN some MLM pyramid.

The contrast is truth.

I love the lesson Uncle D. Calvert taught me.

Dale: Joe, show me a mans past and I will
show you his future.

Joe: Wow!

The inclination is this:

Life leaves clues.

re: People who are broke.

Here's more. Listen up.

Less looks like this.

MLM's with GROUP VOLUMES. Can you spell?

Then spell this: SCAM.

And here is what it looks like decoded.

Say the MLM company advertises a compensation
plan that can execute say, 55%.

And on paper they tout that all tolled
they [can] pay you 55%.

But in actuality, they actually only
fork over like 18%.

Here is how the cash scam works.

To fully exercise the MLM plan you have to

** Crack rubies and crush Diamonds
** Enrol 10 people to exercise the 55%
** And also have three legs of $10,000 each
** And also you have to get two to do (ALL) that too.

1) They advertise some really creamy plan
2) You never read the fine print.
3) Only HURCULES RECRUITERS can do all that is required
4) Part-timers lose big time.

FYI: You really should study companies
pay plans VERY CLOSELY and asks questions
PRIOR to laying your name over an MLM.

Less is more. Yeah, like joining a
$20 to $50 deal would out perform
and move quicker than a $200 deal right?

Hey, MORE people would join right?

Bzzzzzzt. Wrong answer.

Because if you cater to mediocrity
and cater to the $20 and $50 soup kitchen
crowd you lose any long term F/T value
and the serious Networkers wouldn't
touch it with a ten-foot pole.

Plus, penny ante re-run $20 and $50
take way to many people to get in with
you in order to climb over the
$1,000 earned per month mark.

Less isn't more. At least not in these answers.

Even Star-Bucks who were the king
of less is more, even they added to
their menu. As did Mickey-D's and Domino's.

SIZE counts and you know it.

What size also does it cause the brain
to search for solutions so you can
gain as much clout and size as advertised.

Remember, as people, we are genetically coded for survival right? So what sounds better?

a) My upline earns $2,000 per month
B) My upline earns $25,000 per month!

So, show people size and they clamber
to own (or at least be able to use) whatever
it is that is PERCEIVED as XXL large.

Big is hip. It's like money. It's cool to be rich. Because with globs of dough you can

** Take excessive vacations and bask in the sun at swanky resorts all over the world.

** You get power and you can have like
100's of people working under you, creating
you even more piles of loot 24/7 all day every day.

** You can impress your teenage daughters
and give'em $500 and tell them to go blow it
over at the mall.

** You can create better jobs for people
and pulse America with more equity.

** You can spend more on other people and buy them gifts and stuff.

** You can spend $10,000 on new pearly whites when your chompers start to fall out.

So, that's it. Ideas.

Here's a tenet to live by:

What you give away you get to keep.

Here's another tenet to teach other Networkers:

If you don't do MLM right it
will certainly [DO] you!

My very best,

Joe Schroeder

The end.
Copyrights 2002 Joe Schroeder
If it stops being fun I am outta here

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Get Paid For Your Opinion
Wow! Participate in online surveys from the comfort of your own home and get paid.
Earn between $10.00 to $125.00 per hour!
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