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Give First and Prove Your Worth

By Terry Dean

Everybody is looking for "Insider Secrets" and "Secret Weapons" to make their internet business grow to unimaginable new heights. Well, you came to the right place today because I am about to give to you the most powerful information you will ever receive in your online career.

At first, it may not seem like much, but I want you to put it to the test. It will push your sales right into orbit where they belong in your business. The most powerful internet "Secret" that I know of is...

"Give First and Prove Your Worth..."

Give something away...And make it something of value. Don't let it be just some junk you have laying around or a rehash of something that has been played to death over and over again.

Go with me for a moment and lets take a trip around the world (on the Internet of course). Go to one of the major search engines and visit sites relating to your industry.

What do you see at most of them. I'll will venture to say that probably 90% - 95% fall into one of these three categories below:

1) A Corporate Site that gives you information about the company,  it's location, and it's products. These sites are obviously institutional advertising and are not making money online (around 50% of the sites).

2) Next on the list are those sites which just link to a bunch of affiliate programs. I don't have a single thing to say against any affiliate program, but if you don't have a congruent theme and purpose to your site, then it just won't fit the bill of successful sites (around 30% of sites seem to fall in this category).

3) A better choice, but definitely not the best, would be the a site which does have a product (or products) which fits a theme and has a decently well done sales letter full of benefits to go with it. These sites can and are making money online, but they never seem to break through the invisible ceiling on their profits and become the mega-success stories online (around 20% of sites fall into this category).

When you really take a look at the sites which are flooding their bank accounts with new cash, you will find one common theme which flows through all of them regardless of their business or industry online...

They are giving first, and proving their worth.

What can you give away in your business that is valuable to your prospects, but is low cost to you? In this area, I LOVE the internet. With the internet, we can create turn-key NO cost products or turn-key programs on our web site which have a very HIGH value, but have little or no cost for us to give them away.

I want to give you some ideas below on items you can give away, but I don't want you to limit your thinking to just what I have listed. Open your mind and begin thinking outside the box.

Go to the store and buy a notebook right now if you don't have one and mark it for ideas. Write on the first page, "My Prospects Want..."

Then, every time you come up with something they want, start looking around the net and thinking of ways you can give it to them. Whenever you come up with an idea no matter how farfetched it may be, write it down. Then, as time passes, keep looking over it and more ideas will flow and you will figure out a way to do some of the ideas you have written.

To get you started with ideas and possibly with solutions, I want to give you a couple of the ways web sites are profiting right now from the "Give First..." principle:

1. Ezines - Many people have adopted the Opt-In Email List plan for giving first. This is one of my favorite methods which I have been recommending to people for the last year (I also wrote the course on it).

The strength behind owning your own Opt-In List is that you can keep in constant contact with your prospects and customers. The problem with it is that way too many individuals are now just producing me-too ezines that don't contain good quality information for the readers. They are just rehashes of other people's information or just a sales presentation without any good solid information.

How can you produce original content without being a writer?

There is always a way...How about:

* Researching new tools in your business (Software, sites, etc.)

* Doing interviews with Experts in your industry.

* Simply answer questions which come in.

* Providing a Tip of the Day or Tip of the Week Idea.

What else can you come up with?

2. Free Information - The Internet is the "Information Superhighway."     The best way to introduce yourself to your prospects is through providing Free information on your web site. No matter what you are selling: be it nutrition products, cleaning products, business products, etc., you can find information or create information to provide with it.

For example, my FREE Electronic Book which is jam packed with internet money making ideas is being downloaded constantly. As a matter of fact, I keep two download sites for it because it has been receiving up to 827 downloads in one hour. The title of it is "101 High Profit Businesses You Can Start On The Internet With Little or NO Money!" and it is full of quality information.

Think about how you could do something just like this in your industry. I also want to note that you can offer this book on your site as well (it makes a great incentive for people to subscribe to your newsletter or to recommend others to your web site). All you would have to do is link directly to one of the download sites. Your visitors never even have to leave your site!

Download Site

3. CGI Programs - There are dozens of CGI Programs out there which you can use on your site to provide something free to give to your visitors. Just take glance through the hundreds of useful scripts you can find at

Give First to Prove Your Worth...

No matter what type of Free product or service you decide to provide, you need to come up with something unique for your industry. What is it that people want or need that you can provide for a very low cost or at no cost?

Keep a notebook and come up with creative solutions. Once you start giving upfront to your prospects, watch your traffic and sales soar as people start seeing just how much your business is really worth to them. Once you have proven your worth to them, they won't have any reservations ordering from you.

Terry Dean is the webmaster at http://www.bizpromo.com
Visit today for turn-key web site solutions, turn-key products you can sell, and answers to all of your Internet marketing questions.
For "115 Internet marketing tips" please send an email to 115tips@aweber.com

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