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Jim Strickland

If not why aren't you? Extraordinary success is coming to the most unlikely participants in this new fast moving "e-economy"! The Internet is now attracting millions of new "players" who have found how to turn "cyber-space" into an outstanding place to do business and earn "obscene" residual incomes!

If you haven't gotten involved yet on the Internet revolution, you need to ask yourself these 4 questions:

1. Do you agree there are FORTUNES being made on the Internet?
2. Does Bill Gates know how to make MONEY?
3. Are you presently making a FORTUNE on the Internet?
4. Would you like to be making a FORTUNE on the Internet?

If you answered "yes" to 3 out 4 of these questions, you have now taken your first step to making your FORTUNE in the GREATEST "TREND" in the history of the world! In fact, Bill Gates CEO and Co-Founder of Microsoft said. "The computer will be to the Internet Revolution what the automobile was to the Industrial Revolution.


Imagine what your life would be like today if you had invested in companies like Wal-Mart, Microsoft, E-Bay, and Yahoo before they went public or even when they first went public! ……A $10,000 investment in Wal-Mart would now be worth 15 million!

Recently, e-commerce companies have shown "explosive" growth and millions of people have gotten rich because of the Internet Revolution! For instance, a $10,000 investment in Sun-Microsystems grew to $1.5 million! …..A $10,000 investment in Microsoft grew to $5.5 million! And a $10,000 investment in Intel grew to $21.5 million!

Do you have an extra $10,000 lying around that you can "gamble" in the stock market? What if you pick the wrong stock to invest in? You could lose your total investment! If you have been watching the stock market this year, you have seen the market looks like a "roller coaster"…up and down…up and down…etc. If you've been an investor, you could have been on an "emotional roller coaster" too!

The next way you could make money in the Internet Revolution is by starting your own e-commerce company. However, you'll need lots of money to "ride this wave" because a fully enabled e-commerce website can cost $1 million by itself! And most people won't revisit the "average" website! Even BIG e-commerce companies like Amazon.com are still not making a profit…after 6 years in business! Can you go 6 years without making a profit?…. I know I cannot!

Finally, there is another way for you to make a FORTUNE on the Internet! How?…By simply opening your mouth… that's right! By joining a 21st century, wave "4", Network Marketing company that uses "e-biz" technology. (ie: self-replicating websites, auto-responders, an e-mail system "broadcast" system for its Independent Representatives, etc.) ,you can maximize your earnings potential ! (while lowering your chance of failure!)

You see, with these new "e- Networking" companies, it's easier than ever to build a large organization and a great residual income! Network Marketing combined with e-commerce is called "E-Networking", what Industry experts call a "marriage made in heaven"!

As a side note, you can join the following companies who have the Hi-tech automation, duplication and management, training and support. They are companies where you can ride the waves of success with them.

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The fact is that e-commerce companies need Network Marketing enthusiasts like you and me to spread the word and tell everyone they know about their "e-company"! Because new e-technology is so advanced, about the only paper you'll ever need will be your business cards with your name and telephone number and fax #'s on them and most importantly your web site (URL). For example, my website is www.e-Biz-Fortunes.com .By the way, you will want to have your web site address printed on all of your printed materials! I even have mine embroidered on my ball cap and several of my golf shirts! You would be surprised on how many people see me wearing the cap or shirt and they ask me about my web site! …In addition, I have a set of magnetic vinyl signs on my car doors advertising my web site! You will also want to include your e-mail address on your business cards so new prospects can reach you fast via e-mail!

What I am trying to tell you is YOU NEED MAXIMUM EXPOSURE to get new prospects to join your "e-biz"! I personally use many methods to get new, excited people in my "e-biz"! both "online" and off line! Have you ever heard of the "W.I.T. Theory"? This simply means "WHATEVER IT TAKES"!

Imagine having your own "e-biz" that offers these advantages:
Open 24/7!
No shipping!
No overhead!
No office or employees!
No commuting!
No meetings!
No negatives!
Is global - has no territory restrictions!

Imagine being able to build an organization on an international scale! Your reps in Europe can be building your organization while your still in bed! This got to be what Aristotle Onnassis meant when he said, "True wealth is making money while you sleep"!

Also, OLD WAYS of building an organization don't work anymore! The Internet and e-mail are quickly replacing "snail mail"! You won't have to "lick a stamp" (and mail) thousands of postcards to attract new reps to your "e-biz"! You can now purchase good qualified Internet leads from a good reputable lead generation company to build your "e-biz"!

What you're looking for are people who have computers and are on the Internet… and are truly interested in making money on the Internet!.. Good news! There are millions of potential new prospects for your "e-biz"! You just need a fast, cost-effective way of sponsoring them. The Internet is the way!

Because of the Internet, you really won't have to do any selling… just telling! Simply e-mail your new prospects and send them to your web site to sign up! This what I call "NON-CONFRONTATIONAL" MARKETING! ….It's FUN! It's EASY…And it's LUCRATIVE!

Over the past few months, revenues on the Internet have jumped to nearly $200 BILLION DOLLARS and growing! Internet sales for the year 2000 could reach over a TRILLION DOLLARS! The question is: ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR SHARE ?

Before you say "no" to this "life-changing" FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY, think about this:
The Internet Revolution will happen only once!
It didn't happen for your parents or grandparents!
It probably won't happen for your children!
It's happening now!

Thirty, twenty or even ten years from now, when your Grandkids ask you if you were involved in the Internet Revolution, what will you tell them?

In the new "e-economy", TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

You are now at the right place… with the right product…at exactly the right time!

What are you going to do about it? …….NOW IS THE TIME FOR ACTION!

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So do not wait and procastinate, take action now.

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