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Website Implementation Strategies
For Your Work-At-Home Business

Here are a couple scenarios that will show you how your website can be implemented.  Read these examples and then brainstorm, figure out how you could do the same thing with the product, service, or your work-at-home business you are promoting.  The possibilities are endless, it just takes some thought and creativity!

The term 'website' is very broad.  A website can be very basic, one that you can have going in the next day or two.  Or it can be something really advanced and take a couple of months to complete.  It just depends on how serious you are, how much money you are willing to spend, and how much time you wish to put into it.

The examples below are for setting up a basic or intermediate website.  These are very simple and extremely easy to implement!

Example 1

In this example you are promoting a home business opportunity called "Moneymaking Home Business" using your website to refer your visitor.  In other words, you are using a testimonial to encourage your visitor to check it out.  Testimonials (or referrals) will pull 400% better than just a link!

Let's say “Moneymaking Home Business” allows folks to join for free, pays large commissions weekly, provides an extensive training area, offers 24 hour support and has a very active forum for all members to use.  The founder of “Moneymaking Home Business” is All-Rounder Success.

One of the best ways to use the your website in this scenario is to provide a testimonial.  This testimonial would be bunches of good stuff you think about “Moneymaking Home Business” and at the end you would provide a link to “Moneymaking Home Business” so the reader can check it out for themselves.

Make sure your testimonial is truthful.  If you personally haven't made lots of money with it yet then make the testimonial from a friend's perspective but make sure the testimonial is true and enthusiastic.  This testimonial will serve as the "sales letter" for your opportunity.

It could start off something like this:

"Bill, a good friend of mine, called me up a few weeks ago excited because he had just made $300 his first week after promoting a home business opportunity he had just found.  Finding this interesting I asked him how he did it and I'm glad I asked! This is what he said..."

This is just one approach.  It wouldn't have to be a friend that called, you could also write it another way.  Something like this:

"...Several months ago I was introduced to a gentleman by the name of Wealthy Secrets.  I didn't know it at the time, but this is one of the best things that has ever happened to me...Like myself, Wealthy Secrets grew up in a middle class lifestyle, however his strong ambition coupled with unique talents has put him where he is today...Today, Weathy Secrets, is the president of a multi-million dollar organization...It is his goal to help others find the break they have been looking for...Having known what it is like himself, he strives to help people make a difference in their lives...This is why he created “Moneymaking Home Business”...If you or someone you know has become disheartened with their financial situation I hope you will listen to has certainly changed my life and it can do the same for you.  Click here to go to his website now!"

Remember, your website doesn't have to be big, in the above examples it may only be one page.  Once you write a good testimonial it will work nicely.  This was one of the techniques that will pull in visitors to your site. So give it a try!

Example 2

The scenario above is the same for this example.  Except this time your "sales letter" is going to look like an article.

The Internet is about information.  Give your visitors information to entice them to keep reading.  While they are reading you make points through out that slowly lead to the desired action you wish for them to take.

Write your sales letter from an informative approach.  In other words, make your sales letter look like it's an article full of information.  This strategy is very effective. You could start the sales letter off with a few facts that lead into explanations.  Then slowly revolve your sales letter toward your opportunity, then encouraging them to click through.

Let's say for instance that ABC provides its members or distributors a program that is far better than the average opportunity.  Word your sales letter showing the pitfalls of finding the right business opportunity.  Tell the reader what to look for, what to avoid etc.  All the while, you are slowly showing them that they may miss out on something great unless they click on the opportunity that you have found to be the most effective to join.  Your article (sales letter) shows them the way so to speak.  Show them the negative and then show them the positive. This is VERY effective!

Here is an example:

"Word is running rampant on the Internet that 95% of Internet businesses fail.  That is totally untrue, this misleading information is designed to con folks into buying some 'how to' manual!  As a matter of fact, the average website is generating an astounding profit figure!

"Knowing this, it's much more encouraging to develop a web based business.  For those just starting out, it is harder because they don't have a product or service, however, affiliate programs and business opportunities are the hot ticket these days.  Though there are some great ones out there, you need to do your homework to make sure you're getting more bang for your effort.

"One of the leading companies on the net right now is ABC...."

See how it turned from just being an informative article, to focusing on one company?  This method works!

Example 3

Let's say you are promoting a store front in an online mall called "Web Mall" using your website.  Web Mall provides you a store front and allows you to use their shopping cart software.  The mall has provided you a URL which points people to your "mall store".  In your store you plan to sell unique kitchen accessories.

You could create a website that contains various cooking information such as free recipes, meal ideas, diet tips, etc.  Somewhere on the site you could have a little article (sales letter) that talks about unique accessories and how they greatly help in the preparation of meals!

This article would point people to your mall URL.  By now, the visitor has already had time to look around your site and will trust your recommendation.  Thus being far more receptive to ordering!

By adding content that interests the types of people you are looking for, you stand a better chance at being recommended to their friends and also making sales. This example can also work when you are promoting an opportunity.

To Summarize!

The three examples shown here are:

1.) Give a recommendation or testimonial for the site or opportunity you are promoting.

2.) Make your sales letter look like an article of free information.

3.) Provide quality content related to your topic to keep the visitor on your site for as long as possible, which builds trust.

Use your creativity to come up with a strategy for your specific situation.  There is much more information on writing sales letters in this member area.

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