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Why You Need Your Own Website

For Your Home Business Opportunity

A lot of money can be made from affiliate programs and the cost for getting started is generally free, however in order to promote them effectively you will need to be committed to making it work and must be willing to be open minded to different ideas and promotion methods.  Believe it or not, 99% of the promotion methods that really work are super simple.  Don't make the mistake of discounting them as so many others do!

The absolute best way to promote your affiliate program is through a website of your own.  Promoting affiliate programs whether it be Home Business Opportunity, Network Marketing, Earn Money Online, Multi-Level-Marketing or any other affiliate program where you are given a unique URL is limiting without a website of your very own.

Here is Why!

Most affiliate programs will give you a unique URL that looks something like this www.abc-company.com?24456.  You can take your special URL and promote it via classified ads, FFA links, and ezine ads.  Some people without doing their homework, will try to SPAM via email or SPAM forums by posting their unique URL.

Though these methods work (especially ezine advertising) they are limited to how long the ad stays visible. You can not generate long term promotion by just submitting ads using that URL.  Not to mention that SPAM is unethical and is not encouraged.

Also, you are unable to change the company's website that you promote.  In other words, you cannot participate in banner exchanges, swap links or in some cases you cannot even get in the search engines.

A website of your own may seem scary, but doesn't it make sense to work hard now and let that work continue to expand creating residual income for yourself later on?  Why not work it to its fullest potential now?

Two things to consider here:

1.) If you promote a very popular company, your URL will be highly recognizable.  Therefore making your unique URL less effective.  Folks will see it and say, "I've seen that opportunity before" or "I've seen that a hundred times".

2.) You are limited to just ads or article writing for advertising.  That's it.  You have no other means of enticing the reader to click on your URL.  Since you can't alter the website itself, you can do nothing else to gain from affiliate program promotion.

There are literally thousands of ways to promote if you have your own website.  Therefore it is imperative that you decide how serious you are about your business and to what level you wish to take your business.

Different Types of Web Sites to Consider

There are several avenues you can take for finding and creating your website. 

You can get a free site, find an inexpensive website that already provides means for HTML coding or you could purchase your own domain name and build it from scratch.  Obviously the free site is the less expensive and the domain name is the most expensive. Of course, a free site has all the provider’s advertisements and it adds confusions to the visitors. A free site also looks less professional and does not command enough trust to the visitors to join your program or to purchase your products. I would strongly recommend you join the NEW WORLD TEAM to provide even the novice to build a website. And at the same time you will belong to a Team that is helping you to make a GREAT SECOND INCOME in a short period of time. 

Between the three types, I recommend getting a domain name.  With your own domain name you can totally spread your wings and do this right.  The doors that open to you are unlimited and so will the income be.  Of course all of this depends of how much time you wish to invest and how much money.

Hopefully with this information you will make the best decision for you and your business.


Overview For Creating Your Own Website

Okay, hopefully you're convinced that you need a website.  The first thing you need to do is figure out where you're going to host your site and how involved you wish to become with your website.  Generally speaking, you have a couple options.  I will briefly explain them to you and give you the pros and cons of each.

Option 1 - Obtaining a free site. There are companies out there (you've probably seen them) that will provide you with your own URL in exchange for advertising space.  In most cases they'll provide you with an online utility to help you create your pages.

This option will likely appeal to the person who is interested in bringing traffic to their opportunity, but does not have the desire to get heavily involved with designing their site or have any long term plans for it.  This option would be basically used as a doorway (or entry site) page.

Though some people make them elaborate, they often find their business out grows the capabilities of the free site and they end up starting over.

pros - Free and quick.

cons - Doesn't look very professional, usually limited to the number of pages you can have, doesn't offer the functionality that the next option does, many search engines will not list free websites and it doesn't allow big growth.  Also the URL they give you is generally long, which will make it hard for your visitors to remember the URL for them to return to your site or tell a friend about it (which is VERY important).

Option 2 - Get your own domain name (www.yourname.com). If you want to get your own domain name, you will also need a hosting provider.

Getting your own domain and setting up your site is the most professional avenue of the two options here.  Your site would be an entry site but it would be far more involved.  Likely you would add valuable content, interaction with your visitors, offer things for free, list valuable links, and much much more.  Way too much to go into here.

This option is for the person ready to settle down and work.  This is a more permanent setup, one that can become a career.  

pros - Having your own domain name will make you look well established and professional. Opens thousands of promotion opportunities.

cons - Most expensive option, must be willing to learn how to use web authoring software and other technical issues required to set up everything.  It's not rocket science, actually it's not hard at all, but you must be willing to accept the challenge. Now there is an easy way out. Just join THE CashFlowPC and you will have all the tools to set up your very own website.

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