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Needs a good, computer based Leads Capture system to succeed!

Lead Capture! - Overview

So you're starting your own earn money online home business? That's great! Or maybe you're joining a Network Marketing program that promises you $50,000 by next Tuesday. Well, that's good too, however unrealistic it may be. You've made the decision to be the boss of your own work-at-home business, and now you've got to go forth and produce. There are so many things that you can do to ensure that your own home business opportunity will be up and running in record time. For this to happen you will need to focus on two of the most important things you can do, which are to set up lead capture system and an auto-responder.

Lead capture is any way by which you can capture the person visiting your website. Usually, this is accomplished by a web form, although another way to capture a lead is through email, having your prospect send a blank email to your auto-responder email address.

An auto-responder is a simple lead database and mailing program that will send a series of emails to anyone who subscribes to it. So when used with a lead capture form, it is a very powerful way for you to stay in touch with your prospects, and keep your message fresh in their minds.

The lead capture form is tied to an auto-responder that automatically sends out messages. Through the beauty of modern technology, all of this is totally automated! Now, setting it up can be tricky, especially if you are using a more difficult program. However, once you spend a couple of hours getting everything perfect, you won't have to worry about it again!

One of the single most important things a website must do is to get prospects to identify themselves. It is unusual for prospects to buy your products or join you in your Internet home business venture on their first visit to your site. It usually takes multiple contacts with a prospect before the decision to buy is made or to join your home business opportunity is decided. Therefore, it is absolutely vital to keep in contact with prospects and get them to keep coming back to your website. The only way this can be done is if you have the prospects e-mail address or other contact information.

People don't just give out their email addresses, they must be attracted to do so by a magnetic or compelling offer. Such a "magnetic" offer usually involves offering something to the prospect for free in return for their email address. This can be any one of the following "magnets":

  • An idea kit!
  • Free useful tips!
  • A free e-book!
  • A discount coupon!
  • An article!
  • A free subscription to a newsletter!
  • A training series!

The offer can be in a sidebar or in a pop-up or pop-under window. Pop-up windows have been shown to be fairly effective because they get the visitor's attention, but they also can rapidly become annoying if they pop-up every time a visitor returns to your website.

Whenever possible you should attempt to get the name of the visitor, although care should be exercised in the amount of personal information you request. Privacy and anonymity are hallmarks of the Internet and people do not always want to provide their real names until you have built up a sufficient level of trust. If you make a good enough offer you should be able to harvest names and other contact information.

Once you have the prospect's e-mail address you are now in a position to send them a news’ letter or training information on a regular basis pertaining to special offers. Managing your e-mail marketing list becomes the next challenge.

But, where can you get a lead capture form and auto-responder?

That's easy. As a member of MLM Plugged-N we provide them for you!

Those are the basic ins and outs of why it is absolutely crucial to have your own lead capture site and auto-responder.


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Imagine your own Home Business has a completely automated system that delivers instant information to your potential customers, and then follows up with them automatically over the coming days, weeks, and months. Imagine having an automated system that continues to contact your database of verified emails week after week perpetually. Imagine having a system that also builds your database of email addresses, verifies than and also has full web- based verifiability.

Now imagine all of this for less than $30 per month!

Experts have shown that it often takes 7 or more ad exposures before prospective customers actually make a purchase. With the MLM Plugged-N Automated Marketing System, your prospects will automatically receive your marketing message the essential seven plus times. This will make your sales skyrocket! How much is just one extra sale worth to you every month? What about double, triple, or even quadruple your normal sales averages? The MLM Plugged-N system can bring in hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in extra profits. An added plus no one else has, with our semi automated email verification control system, you can send a confirmation email to your designated raw leads database every week in an effort to turn your raw leads into opt-in leads.

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Our system is designed to help you build a steady flow of qualified leads for building ANY business opportunity. You simply follow our exact program and your lead list will quickly grow. After a short time you'll wonder how you've gotten along without us!

What you need is a SYSTEM. Having a website is only one small part of online lead generation and marketing. We'll give you a lead capture website designed specifically for your home business opportunity, show you how to get traffic to it AND how to convert that traffic to qualified leads for your business and eventually earn money through your Internet Home Business!

Lead capture and auto-responder systems have become the rage!


Find a generic "looking to make some money?" ad on the Internet and put in your name and email. Soon you'll have literally hundreds of entrepreneurs sending you thousands of emails about their opportunity. Almost all of them are using a opt-in lead capture and multi-email auto-responders. A lot of them just put you right into their database for auto-emailing. Some ask you to double opt-in before sending auto-emails.

Lead capture is different from lead generation. Lead generation is buying names and email addresses from a company capturing them for you from those ads on the Internet. Lead capture is where you have advertised yourself to point someone to an "opt-in" scenario -- your lead capture system -- so you can send them auto-emails (auto-responder). Some auto-responders have simple methods for the prospect to send an email and automatically start the auto-email system; other auto-responders require the owner (you) to enter the information from your lead capture system.

In any business, your number one requirement is to find people who are interested in what you're offering!

This system's number one job is giving you the automated capability to create MASSIVE lead generation, by locating other entrepreneurs, both on and off the internet, and systematically enrolling them into your business, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - even while you sleep!

The most powerful lead generation systems on the Internet!

Over 70 different MLM Lead Capture Websites, all personalized to you! You can drive traffic to your site by setting up all our various marketing tools to promote your lead capture page from one members area.

This system includes the most successful methods ever used to recruit in network marketing, and we've modified those methods to make it easy, and automated the follow up. We also give you leading edge technology, so you have tools no one else has. The best marketing tools available, anywhere, and we've made it easy. No other system comes close.

When you promote one of these lead capture web pages, the lead is your lead and goes into your contact manager database. And the system then begins the rapport building process, goes on to do the follow-up and the presentations for you. It's really that easy. Anyone can do this.

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